We have an integrated review system that ensures reviews submitted through our platform are 100% genuine.

Every patient that underwent a treatment booked through MedTourEasy gets a unique link to review their experience. The provided feedback is immediately posted to the website. We post negative reviews, too, because we believe these reviews reflect the real patient experience and they give clinics the chance to improve their services. In case of (rare) poor reviews, we mediate between the patient and the clinic and try to achieve an outcome to suit all parties, and we give clinics the opportunity to respond to the review.

What the review consists of
We ask our patients to rate (from 1 to 5) how happy they were with their overall treatment experience as well as these factors:

How responsive and accessible were the clinic staff before, during and after treatment
How helpful were the clinic staff and involved personnel
Was the experience good value for money
Were the clinic’s facilities everything they promised
How accessible was the clinic

We also ask for some qualitative feedback about the experience and for a review of MedTourEasy’s website and service on Trustpilot.