The medical providers we list must comply with our strict quality assurance criteria. We select healthcare providers based on three main criteria:

their medical quality
their experience treating international patients
patient satisfaction

Medical quality
This is based on internationally recognized accreditations and standards such as JCI, Temos, and ISO. The umbrella accreditation organization (“the accreditor of the accreditors”) is ISQua. These accreditations and certifications are listed on clinic profiles. Physician experience and education are also important for evaluating a clinic’s medical quality.

Experience with international patients
The clinics and hospitals listed on MedTourEasy are experienced in treating international patients, and they employ multilingual staff or have interpreters on standby.

Patient satisfaction
Patient satisfaction is identified through reviews and interviews with former patients, and we publish every review to our platform.

Quality review
We take any quality issue very seriously, and clinics and hospitals go through an ongoing internal quality review process. There are several possible outcomes for a clinic, depending on the nature of the concern, including: no action taken, suspension and warning issued to hospital, and removal from our platform.